The Southern Cross

I've been reflecting on my past years. The friends I made, the countless all-nighters, silly shenanigans. For me, living together with people from other countries tends to be the most life-changing experience. Studying in Manchester is including this. I think the people I met and befriended, whether they were Japanese or from other countries, my time with them special. And looking back, there's a whole lot I have to thank you for.

After that I became want to get a better view of my country in its entirety, not limiting myself to certain ideas or images that I grew up with. Then I had the desire to explore and see one country beyond my image, the biggest one on the other side of the hemisphere, the opposite season, the incredible nature and the ocean, here, Australia.

Now I personally understand how lifestyle changes hit you hard. You must have been physically and mentally exhausted by the hustle and bustle. Even though I don't know how I can situate in this country, if all the past bring us the today, I can proud everything. All my stories are shiny and braze with glory, even all things happened in the short period and even I never close to you again. What I learnt from you enriched my body and soul in my life, and I will keep growing my plants in the soil that you till.

All things enabled me to experience a world that I would otherwise have seen like...that I can see the southern cross which you never be able to see there :)